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VDI and Thin Client Packaged Services

Validate your VDI, Thin Client and other Server Based Computing (SBC) Systems Quickly and Easily with a Low Cost, High Value Packaged Testing Service Engagement from Scapa Technologies

Purchase a packaged service engagement with one of our expert VDI, Thin Client and SBC consultants, and you’ll receive a FREE Scapa Test and Performance Platform (TPP) license (see footnote 1). Click to download our one-page packaged services document: VDI and Thin Client Packaged Services.

Validate your VDI, Thin Client and SBC systems before roll out, with a FREE 250 virtual user Scapa TPP license.
Discover your system’s scalability characteristics, uncover performance and capacity related issues and quantify the experience that the real end users will have on your virtual desktop or Thin Client implementation, before they become costly and embarrassing, i.e. before they become problems in the live production environment – where the risks of damaging reputations of individuals and companies are very real!
Covering a wide range of environments, including Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS, VMware View, Quest vWorkspace, Desktone and more. Contact us for more details.

Scapa Technologies is pleased to offer a low cost, high value, load test package: fixed cost service engagements from our highly experienced professional services consultants. These engagements offer a free Scapa TPP software license for the duration of the engagement and, crucially, will provide insight into the performance and behavior of your mission-critical VDI and Thin Client / SBC deployed applications or desktops. We do this by mimicking your real users’ interaction with standard MS Office applications and by using your own system infrastructure (i.e. NO synthetic transactions or requirement to setup a separate active directory and NO data that’s inappropriate to your business). Your equipment, with your configurations and desktop deployment image, and the full range of installed applications.

Our experienced consultants will install our Scapa TPP software in your environment, and configure our targeted productivity workflows to your specific needs. Our default tests are based around core read-only user activity (Office, Acrobat, IE, etc.), and can be performed against any existing system.ing Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS, VMware View, Quest vWorkspace, Desktone and more. Contact us for more details.

Testing Process

Over four days, we will set up and execute a load test of your environment, simulating and measuring the end user experience and server load of up to 250 virtual users.

Step 1 – We will first run a diagnostic test to prove that your VDI or Thin Client / SBC infrastructure scales in proportion to load and exhibits ‘normal’ performance characteristics.

NB – If, during the diagnostic test, a problem is discovered, we will concentrate on working with your in house team to show the validity of any modifications. We will use our vast performance testing knowledge, gained from working on many, varied projects, to advise and make suggestions to your team through this process.

Step 2 – With the diagnostic test complete, and any modifications applied, our consultants can start running tests using your own real data from standard MS Office applications. Scapa TPP is unique in performance testing VDI and Thin Client / SBC environments as it will work happily on your desktop image with your applications and office plugins installed, with any background services running, and with your anti-virus configuration etc.

Why use a Scapa Packaged Service Offering?

So, why use this packaged offering? This solution is for you if you need to:

  • deliver systems that perform well for your end users and for your business, reducing the risks to business continuity (who doesn’t?)
  • compare and quantify end user experience at different load levels
  • understand the scalability and performance characteristics of the system under variable load levels
  • determine the maximum capacity of your system under peak load conditions (additional virtual users can be purchased, if required)
  • identify pinch-points affecting performance in your architecture
  • try before you buy – this package provides a low risk introduction to the capabilities and value of testing with Scapa TPP. The results are obtained quickly and efficiently, and with minimum interruption to project timelines.

There are many more reasons to engage a packaged service with Scapa Technologies – contact us to discuss your specific requirements in your specific environment. If you are not currently in a position to purchase a load / stress testing tool but can purchase consultancy, then this package is for you as it includes a free 250 user Scapa TPP license for the duration of the test.

NB – At a minimal, additional cost, this packaged service can be further customized to extend test transactions, covering custom and more complex workflows, including customized applications and save transactions. This would provide an even greater insight into, and a detailed analysis of, your system performance.

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  • Rapid system analysis by Scapa Technologies’ expert consultants with 10+ years’ experience of testing VDI and Thin Client / SBC environments
  • Obtain quantifiable insights into users’ experience of application performance under increasing load levels
  • No lengthy set-up or learning curve for testing or IT departments
  • Low impacts to project timescales as results are delivered in just 4 days
  • Real results based on your real data giving you relevant results
  • Professional system performance report prepared by experts in the field of testing, identifying any real or potential pinch-points and bottlenecks impacting the scalability and performance experienced by end users.

Find out how Scapa TPP can help your business perform better.

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