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It may be summertime but there’s not been a lot of sunshine around in Edinburgh…yet! Still, our development team have been staying dry indoors, creating the next evolution of Scapa TPP for Thin Client and VDI. This newsletter will bring you up to date with that and more.

So read on and find out about our development work, the latest on the beta testing programme and news of a document outlining our take on measuring from the end user perspective and how others handle this. We hope you’ll enjoy our news and share it with your friends.

Scapa Test and Performance Platform News

This issue of our Scapa Technologies newsletter focuses on our product development current efforts and plans. In addition, we look back the success of our recent collaborative webinar with a key business partner, Column Technologies, and have a special mention for our new discussion document, “Taking Measurements from the End User Perspective”, which looks at how our ScapaSync feature works in Thin Client and VDI environments.

Development News

Our support consultants work very closely with our development team and therefore, always have our customers’ requirements as their top priority.

To ensure that our Scapa TPP for Remedy technology remains the testing tool of choice for BMC Remedy and ITSM environments, we are currently working to optimise the speed at which ITSM and mid-tier tests can be constructed. We are doing this by adding more ITSM specific logic to our data parameterisation engine to increase the rate at which ITSM tests are built.

For our Scapa TPP for Thin Client technology, we have been working to improve the ways in which we monitor individual user execution giving better control for monitoring test progress, load change and test termination.

Scapa TPP’s ability to run long tests has been significantly improved in recent times, making the testing process quicker and easier. This development work, due to some historical dependencies, has been shown to have made improvements on a number of customer sites.

Company News

A couple of weeks ago, we enjoyed co-hosting a BMC Remedy and ITSM Performance Assurance webinar with our partner, Column Technologies. The webinar was, we hope, the first of many of this type of collaborative effort with a great team of people at Column Technologies. A recording of the webinar is now available to view (or review!) here and will soon be available to watch on our YouTube account. Many thanks to those who attended and from whom we’ve received some good feedback. This will help us plan our next webinars. Look out for news of these in the upcoming months.

Taking Measurements from the End User Perspective” is the first of, what we would like to be, a series of ‘discussion documents’ which outline specific aspects of our technology, how we differ from other market players and the benefits of testing using Scapa TPP and the Scapa Expedite methodology. This first document examines how Scapa TPP provides accurate, realistic performance analysis of mission-critical Thin Client and VDI systems.

Keep checking our website for additions to our customer case studies. We hope to be able to share another customer story with you soon. If you are interested in sharing some of your system performance stories or anecdotes with us, we would love to hear them and, with your permission, would also be happy to make these into case studies or include the details in our future newsletters.


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