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Scapa Technologies News Update – December 2012

Following on from a very successful trip to San Jose for the Worldwide Remedy User Group, this month’s newsletter continues the Remedy ITSM theme as it focuses on an interesting Remedy migration project we completed for BT, plus a really successful and enjoyable Remedy Mid Tier Optimization webinar that we hosted last week and some updates from WWRUG 2012, including details of our Scapa Whisky prize winner. Read on to find out more.

Scapa TPP – Ensuring mission-critical Remedy systems

BT is one of the world’s leading communications services companies with wide-ranging customers from individuals, through domestic and commercial businesses to national and multi-national organisations. Their IT systems are also wide-ranging, and one of their key, mission-critical, customer-facing systems is based on BMC Software’s Remedy.

BT’s Remedy-based system, called Expedio, is a highly complex application, with its workflow generating up to thousands of Remedy API requests, often touching hundreds of different forms and direct database queries. The Expedio system is a crucial part of BT’s day-to-day operations. When changes are required to the system, a significant amount of preparatory work and a complete understanding of its intricate configurations are required.

The project undertaken by Scapa consultants using Scapa TPP, our performance testing and monitoring tool, ensured a smooth migration of the Expedio system to new, higher-specification hardware. The project was completed successfully and Scapa TPP is now in use at BT to help them make sure that other changes to the system do not affect its end-users adversely. This Scapa TPP success story is outlined more fully in a case study which is now available on our website.


Scapa Whisky Winner

A new friend of ours is Saurabh Saxena from NIIT Technologies who won a bottle of Scapa Malt Whisky in our free prize draw at WWRUG 2012. Slainte, Saurabh! Roughly translated, this means “Good health” or “Cheers”. Enjoy your wee dram on us. Saurabh was accompanied by his larger than life friend, Geoff Renne, from CAESARS Palace in Las Vegas, and his sidekick Mr Bacon. Pictures of Mr Bacon with his bottle of Scapa Whisky are featured on our Facebook page.  For his small stature, Mr Bacon has a big personality and we think you’ll remember him if you were there!

Scapa Webinars

Last week we hosted what we intend to be the first of a series of webinars that examine best practices when deploying, migrating, upgrading or making any changes to Thin Client (or application and desktop virtualization) solutions, VDIs (virtual desktop infrastructures) and Remedy ITSM based systems.

Scapa TPP is the most comprehensive testing tool available for Remedy, covering the C API, GUI and, importantly, the Mid Tier. The feedback from our time at WWRUG 2012 indicated that the Mid Tier is the cause of a lot of consternation for anyone that is involved in ensuring the performance of mission-critical Remedy-based systems. So, we decided that we needed to try to share our expertise and experience in this area and came up with the topic, “Ensuring best practices work for you, when optimizing Remedy Mid Tier”.

The webinar was really well attended and we got a good Q&A session going at the end. Many thanks to those of you who took time out of your schedules to speak to us, we sincerely hope you found it worthwhile. To anyone who missed this webinar but would like to attend another, similar Scapa event, please get in touch and give us an idea of the types of issue you would like us to discuss.


Don’t forget there are many ways to get In contact with us. There’s our Facebook page, where you can ‘like’ us. Or, follow us on Linked In and Twitter. Our website also has an email form, phone and fax numbers, so please keep in touch and send us your queries and your stories!