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Scapa has been a Citrix Partner for almost 20 years, working with their core products from the early days of WinFrame, through MetaFrame, Presentation Server, XenApp, XenDesktop and so on. Through that time, our unique technical approach to testing these platforms has meant that our performance testing methodology has stayed consistent and fully backwards compatible.

We are pleased to confirm that this continues with the latest iteration of the platform, Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops. Scapa Test and Performance Platform can be used to run complex performance tests and monitoring scenarios across this release, with full backwards compatability maintained. To ensure consistent performance, use Scapa TPP to test pre and post upgrade. The test assets can be copied and used across environments. Tests can be run on pre- and post-upgrades environments simultaneously, with performance characteristics displayed on a single screen.

Scapa can also confirm that TPP is fully compatible with the new Citrix Workspace App client, released in September 2018.

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