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Over time organisations evolve to use many different platforms and languages to automate key processes. We often see this in complex software environments, where different pieces of an environment can use different teams, and different toolsets to practice testing, both automated and performance.

While reviewing a customer environment as part of their Scapa support package, we saw, as well as Scapa-based scripts, that jUnit and Selenium scripts were being used to test different parts of an application. Why not Scapa for all of it you wonder? It had been the case that this application had been built by disparate teams, and they had used test tools that they felt comfortable with at the time. Nothing wrong with that, and all the tests functioned perfectly well. However, as the application had moved from development to deployment, responsibility for testing new releases of it fell to a single team. While they were able to access all of the various test suites in place and execute them in standalone mode, there was a desire, not a requirement, to bring them all under one hood.


The customer had jUnit, Selenium, Scapa tests. We collected them, instrumented them, and all are now executed and managed from a single point. Tests that required data load from various command lines, etc are all brought under one umbrella. The manual sequence of actions was replaced by a single command, executed in the environment of their choice. The test can be wrapped into a self-contained application, and results displayed in almost any dashboard. 


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