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Web Application Security

Appcheck NG –
automated network and application scanning

AppCheck has been designed from the ground up by experienced security analyst sand boasts one of the most intelligent SaaS web application scanning engines on the market. Each scanning module has been designed to maximise detection accuracy whilst minimising false positives.

It uses two intelligent crawling technologies to discover components quickly and to identify hidden components through forced browsing. If a modern web browser such as Google Chrome can access the application, Appcheck NG can crawl it.

How the AppCheck NG scanning tool works

No programming required as Appcheck automatically does all the hard work for you. It effectively identifies the diverse range of vulnerabilities within web applications and infrastructure.
Clear Reports – Delivers comprehensive scan results in a proven easy-to-understand format
Accurate Detection – Systematically validates every discovery, removing ‘false positives’ and retaining only the true issues

It’s powerful and flexible

AppCheck allows users to automate the discovery of security flaws within their applications, quicker, easier and more accurately by offering a unique scripting solution which maps and tests user work flows, thus ultimately mapping a much larger attack surface and identifying more flaws.

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