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NEW Release of Scapa TPP for Remedy

With this new release of Scapa TPP for Remedy we are aiming to ensure that we continue to provide the best return on your investment in, and the most complete coverage of, BMC Software®’s Remedy® Action Request System® (Remedy) and IT Service Management™ (ITSM) Suite. How do we do this? By focusing our efforts on Remedy developments and, more importantly, on what our customers and partners have been requesting.

The latest release of Scapa TPP for Remedy is the easiest to use yet, with NO Remedy experience required in order to complete full, valid tests that will provide the insight your business needs to help you make crucial decisions that affect your day-to-day operations.

Encompassing all of our 10+ years of experience in ensuring Remedy and ITSM system environment performance, this release of Scapa TPP simplifies the process of creating tests to 3 easy steps: “Capture, Process, Go”, each of which requires minimal or no user intervention.

Scapa TPP automates testing, even for intricate scenarios, such as incident or change creation or modification, making it easy to use the tool to create and complete fully valid tests of any complexity in minutes. NO Remedy experience required! Short video clips illustrating each stage of this process are available here.

Because it is so easy and quick to achieve results with Scapa TPP – tests can be completed in minutes – the risks and costs associated with poorly performing systems can be addressed early.

With Scapa TPP “CAPTURE, PROCESS, GO”, the benefits are clear:

Speed and simplicity: Scapa TPP fully automates the creation of tests – including identification and handling of ‘hidden’, yet essential, data dependencies – that replicate real-world business processes accurately, allowing tests of any complexity to be created in minutes. Each of these steps requires minimal or, indeed, no user intervention, saving time particularly on projects that require hundreds of tests to be run repeatedly.

Ease of use and easy to repeat tests: Updates, additions, new versions – technology, and our use of it, is not static. Scapa TPP’s 3 step process, “CAPTURE, PROCESS, GO” makes it very straightforward to create and repeat tests, helping you eliminate “show stopping” issues and failures prior to system rollout.

No experience required: Remedy system testing of any size and complexity is achievable, even for users with NO prior experience of Remedy. Short video clips illustrating each stage of this process are available here

Accurate insight into system performance characteristics: Scapa TPP uses real data to reproduce, in the most accurate way, what happens in your system and how it is used every day. In our experience, the use of synthetic data cannot achieve this and results in, at best, an incomplete view of your system’s performance characteristics. Testing with Scapa TPP, however, will show you how any changes, no matter how small or slight, can affect your daily business operations.

Other benefits include: lower costs through maintaining a performing system and reducing system issues and risks, increased agility and ability to respond to issues, and quantifiable and actionable results available on demand demonstrating achievement of service levels, whether this is in-house or for third parties.

Testing with Scapa TPP ensures these benefits are experienced continuously throughout the full deployment lifecycle, from pre production stages to production, through upgrades and migration.

Scapa TPP pricing is determined by the number of virtual users of a system, whether in a test laboratory or production system environment. Please contact us to discuss your specific licensing requirements.

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