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Scapa Technologies’ Services

Scapa Technologies is a privately-held, venture-backed, independent software vendor and performance testing and security services company. We believe our service to customers is greatly improved because we are independent.

Our dedicated support team is quick to respond to queries, highly knowledgeable and experienced. Their unrivalled expertise and understanding comes from having worked with a wide range of customers across many verticals and from being involved in some of the largest and most complex system deployments worldwide, for over 20 years. This experience has allowed us to evolve our complete testing methodology, Scapa Expedite.

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Consulting Services

Scapa consultants and partners specialize in performance testing of Remedy-based solutions, such as the ITSM suite of applications, systems based on the Mendix application platform, web applications and desktop virtualization deployments (e.g. Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop, VMware View and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and Terminal Server).

Our highly skilled consultants and partner organizations work worldwide, either on-site or remotely to deliver a variety of performance testing activities across a wide-range of applications and environments, from off the shelf to custom applications.

To your specifications, we can create, maintain and execute performance and capacity automation tests. These tests can be run on demand or at planned frequencies and milestones throughout your project. Continued use of our Scapa Monitoring solution in production will ensure confidence in your system’s performance and overall peace of mind.

Our services include:

End-to-end Testing
Scalability Profiling
Bottleneck Identification
Capacity Planning
Performance Comparison
Server Consolidation
Service Availability
Diagnostic Testing
Desktop Virtualization

System Health Check-up

You may be concerned that your systems will not accommodate future demands. With their wide-ranging experience in projects spanning many verticals and an even greater variety of IT systems, our consultants and partners can conduct thorough reviews of your current and future capacity requirements. By running a variety of tests to quantify the performance, scalability and capacity of your systems, they will be able to identify the available headroom, thereby minimizing potential performance risks.

Training Services

For businesses that want to be self-sufficient with respect to performance testing, our training course is adapted and personalized to your specific IT system. We help you run tests on your system with your applications to get you up and running fast – typically within five days.

Pre-Flight Assurance Testing

Although Scapa promotes continuous and on-going testing throughout the application lifecycle, for many businesses testing can be a last minute activity. We regularly deliver pre-flight tests in 1 to 3 weeks, identifying problem areas quickly and providing businesses with the peace of mind that performance, stability and capacity-related issues are resolved prior to rollout.

Fire Fight Services

Picture the scenario; your system reliability, performance, scalability or capacity is not what it should be on the production system or, even worse, has failed, causing untold damage to your business. Despite best efforts internally, the root cause remains elusive. Our consultants and partners have substantial on-site project experience and have helped some of the biggest companies in the world to identify underlying system issues when all internal resources have been exhausted.

Please contact us if you would like to understand how we can help you protect your business operations by ensuring the performance of your IT systems.

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