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Scapa TPP for Thin Client

Application and Desktop Virtualization Solutions

Scapa TPP for Thin Client is a fast and cost-effective test and optimization platform and is the only effective performance testing tool for businesses seeking to reduce the cost and environmental impact of application deployment through Thin Client, Application and Desktop Virtualization or Server-Based Computing Solutions. Scapa TPP for Thin Client is also unique as it will test any application in the mix, measuring from the user perspective to provide the most accurate data to give executives better insight into their system performance.

Scapa TPP is utilized across the globe in some of the largest Thin Client deployments to provide effective end-to-end performance testing for applications deployed predominantly via:

– Citrix XenApp/Desktop
– Citrix Virtual Apps
– Citrix Virtual Desktops
– VMware View Horizon
– Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

However, Scapa TPP for Thin Client is technology independent, by which we mean that performance tests can be run against any combination of published desktops or applications, directly or via any portal and load-balancing technology. In addition, since Scapa TPP is an independent software tool, it offers complete coverage of Thin Client and Virtual Desktop environments, allowing like for like comparisons to be carried out.

Make smarter, more informed business decisions

Successful application deployment in Thin Client environments requires planning and a good, solid strategy. Testing should be part of that strategy to enable your business to maximize the benefits of the system and minimize risks.

Scapa TPP’s simple, repeatable tests ensure the performance of your system infrastructure in the following ways:

– Ensuring adequate capacity – right-size for your unique workload scenarios, working out user densities per server and discover the headroom available
– Safeguarding acceptable end-to-end response times and availability and making sure end user experience is comparable to your existing deployment solution
– Proving failover capability, overdriving the system to uncover its failure characteristics
– Identifying and removing bottlenecks before production rollout
– Benchmarking and validating vendor solutions to ascertain which are the right components (including server and storage systems) for your specific system requirements

All the data collected during a test is immediately available for analysis with Scapa TPP’s statistical console and customisable reporting functions.

With Scapa TPP for Thin Client, risks are minimized, profits maximized

Performance, scalability, capacity and continuity assurance are critical success factors in any business-critical Thin Client application delivery mechanism. If a system does not perform or cope with an increase in demand, there are significant impacts on ROI. It may impact morale, service delivery and ultimately, the bottom line. Scapa TPP for Thin Client can perform end-to-end tests with any number of user clients and servers can be distributed as in real life deployments to help you avoid costly performance issues. To do this, scripts are executed on the server side of a session but performance data is collected on the client side. Scapa TPP guarantees test robustness and immediate visual analysis of the output.

Professional Consulting Services

Whether you need help getting your testing projects off the ground or you require someone to take care of it all for you, our highly skilled and experienced consultants and partner organizations work worldwide, either on-site or remotely, to deliver performance testing services across a wide-range of applications and environments, including Application and Desktop Virtualization or Thin Client systems. For more information about these services, click here or download our Professional Services Datasheet and Scapa Expedite Methodology white papers below:

Scapa Technologies Professional Services Datasheet
Scapa Expedite Methodology White Paper
Scapa Expedite Testing Activities White Paper

For details of our low cost, high value Packaged Services for Thin Client and other Server Based Computing environments, designed to give you a quick insight into your system’s performance characteristics, in very short time frames, click below.

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