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VDI and Thin Client

Scapa TPP for VDI and Thin Client

Scapa provides Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and Application and Desktop Virtualization or Thin Client (Client/Server) performance testing and monitoring software solutions and services for:

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (full backwards compatibility with XenApp and XenDesktop)
VMware Horizon View

NEW! – Windows Virtual Desktop
Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
Ericom PowerTerm WebConnect
Parallels Remote Applciation Server
2x Software 2X Client

Deploying, developing and maintaining these types of system is often highly complex and can easily – if the system is not properly tested and monitored – begin to cause problems.

To understand how your Thin Client system is performing and to give your business the best chance of avoiding costly performance issues and failures – Scapa has the tools and services for you.

Contact us now to discuss your specific Thin Client system requirements.

Unrivalled experience and expertise

Our experience and expertise in testing VDI and Thin Client systems is unrivalled. Read our case studies to find out how organizations improve their system performance using our software and services.

Accurate results, in-depth analysis from the end users’ perspective

All available metrics from all layers of the system architecture and all user data – not just a sample – can be correlated and incorporated into the test to create the most accurate representation of what is happening in your system and where improvements can be made.

Test many systems in different locations at the same time

Save time and money by testing many systems – including mixed protocols, RDP, ICA, VMware etc.. – at the same time and from many different geographical locations.

Is your system already in production and having issues? Ask about our about our triage consultancy services and on-going production SLA monitoring solutions.

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Scapa can provide a 1 hour live web meeting for you and your colleagues, where we will run through a live demonstration of our software and answer your questions.

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