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Scapa TPP measures system performance, end-to-end, covering traditional desktop, desktop virtualization solutions, tiered, remote desktops and virtual machines.


Scapa TPP for Remedy – Capture, Process, Go

Scapa Technologies has been testing Remedy applications and environments for over 10 years and Scapa TPP for Remedy has undergone a successful validation process by BMC Software. Click on the “BMC Software TAP Validated” logo to read information about Scapa TPP on BMC Software’s communities website: Scapa TPP is validated by BMC Software

Why test Remedy with Scapa TPP?

Scapa TPP is a fast and cost-effective performance test, monitoring and optimization platform for BMC Software’s Remedy and ITSM solutions. The tool’s simple 3 step process – CAPTURE, PROCESS, GO – automates the creation of tests that replicate real-world business processes accurately, allowing tests of any complexity to be created in minutes.

Scapa TPP is the only tool that provides complete coverage of Remedy infrastructures – testing the C API, the GUI and the mid-tier – allowing unrestricted and unrivaled visibility of system performance and user experience.

CAPTURE, PROCESS, GO – 3 Simple Steps to Achieving Optimal Remedy and ITSM Performance

The latest release of Scapa TPP for Remedy encompasses all of our 10+ years of experience in ensuring Remedy and ITSM system environment performance and simplifies the process of creating tests to 3 easy steps: “Capture, Process, Go”.

The first two steps (“Capture” and “Process”) automate test creation of intricate scenarios, such as incident or change creation or modification, then, in step 3 (“Go”), the user simply clicks the button to start the test. Each of these steps require minimal or, indeed, no user intervention. With Scapa TPP – “Capture, Process, Go”, Remedy system testing of any size and complexity is achievable, even for users with no prior experience of Remedy. Short video clips illustrating each stage of this process are available here.

Make smarter, more informed business decisions

Scapa TPP’s simple, repeatable tests use REAL DATA to simulate and replicate your business operations in the most accurate way – testing with synthetic data may obscure some key information specific to your system environment and, therefore, not provide the insight you need. Scapa TPP’s use of real data, plus its unique connectivity and testing capabilities, will help you make smart, informed decisions, achieve agreed service levels, validate vendor claims and identify the right software to support and protect your business now and in the future.

With Scapa TPP for Remedy, risks are minimized, profits maximized

Scapa TPP provides the assurance that your Remedy or ITSM solution is of the highest quality and is working at optimum performance during migration or upgrade projects. It also ensures that the system is at peak efficiency during day-to-day operations through continuous monitoring and straightforward, iterative testing.

Used by BMC Software

Scapa TPP for Remedy is a proven product, used by BMC Software and by other software vendors, systems integrators and end-user organizations to simulate many thousands of users in test and in live production environments in order to maximize quality while minimizing the risks associated with performance-related failures.

Professional Consulting Services

Whether you need help getting your testing projects off the ground or you require someone to take care of it all for you, our highly skilled and experienced consultants and partner organizations work worldwide, either on-site or remotely, to deliver performance testing services across a wide-range of applications and environments, including Remedy and ITSM systems.

For more information about all of our consulting services, click here or download our Professional Services Datasheet and Scapa Expedite Methodology white papers below:

For details of our low cost, high value Packaged Services for Remedy and ITSM environments, designed to give you a quick insight into your system’s performance characteristics, in very short time frames, click here.

Pricing Information

Scapa TPP pricing is determined by the number of virtual users of a system, whether in a test laboratory or production system environment.

Please contact us to discuss your specific licensing requirements.

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