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Scapa Technologies’ History

Scapa Technologies was founded in 1998 and, since that time, has been ensuring system performance for customers in numerous verticals, including finance, utilities, telecommunications, healthcare and government.

Our software and our consultants have been working with BMC Software’s Remedy (Action Request System) as well as Thin Client environments, primarily through Citrix ICA- and Microsoft RDP-based systems, for over 20 years. More recently, we have added specialized connectivity to Oracle’s PeopleSoft applications and the security of internet architecture.

The company has undergone a number of significant changes over the years, but the underlying philosophy remains; to ensure performance of mission-critical systems across verticals and across the world. In order to achieve this, and to produce software that is unrivaled in its accuracy and coverage, we have worked very closely with a number of technology partners, including:

Our Customers

Scapa TPP has been used in some of the largest and most complex Citrix and Microsoft RDP environments across the globe:

  • Scapa TPP resolved capacity issues in a European healthcare organization’s call center application, delivered to hundreds of nurses via Citrix.
  • The capacity of a European railway company’s Citrix desktop migration was confirmed at 20000 users before it went live.
  • A European telecoms company identified significant savings in hardware cost and Carbon Dioxide emissions by accurately modeling the capacity of a variety of vendors’ hardware platforms with a standard Citrix workload in its labs.
  • A UK utility resolved a range of capacity problems in its Citrix-delivered SAP system before successfully going live.
  • A major US car rental company tests the capacity of each build of its Terminal Services desktop before upgrades.
  • A German energy company operates agreements with the service provider of its Citrix application according to end-to-end service level availability and response time data measured and reported using Scapa TPP.

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