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Environment Management System

Environmental Policy

Scapa Technologies Ltd is committed to minimizing the impact of its business activities on the environment. We will endeavor to achieve this by:

  • Implementing and operating an Environmental Management System, aiming to reduce the negative impacts of our activities by setting objectives and targets, developing controls, and monitoring their effectiveness.
  • Promoting environmental awareness throughout the company, providing relevant training and information to all employees.
  • Whenever possible, continually improving upon our environmental performance.
  • Complying with all environmental legislation that is applicable to our activities.
  • Wherever possible, minimizing use of energy and resources, and ensuring that all our waste is handled, treated or disposed of responsibly; hence preventing pollution both directly and indirectly associated with our activities.
  • Minimizing our business travel where practical and ensuring that we use modes of transport which will minimize our environmental impact when travel is required.

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