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Remove complexity, increase visibility with a single point of test management

Over time organisations evolve to use many different platforms and languages to automate key processes. We often see this in complex software environments, where different pieces of an environment can use different teams, and different toolsets to practice testing, both automated and performance. While reviewing a customer environment as part of their Scapa support package, […]

Two for the price of one!

As technology consultants, we are usually focused on the next project coming down the pike, and we often forget to celebrate our successes. We have got a great track record of successful projects delivered by Scapa, which is quite something when you consider that only 31% of software projects are successful, and of these successful […]

Windows Virtual Desktop introduction

Anyone familiar with End-User/Server Based Computing will be well used to the idea of providing Windows desktops to remote users. Good old XenDesktop from Citrix got the ball rolling, and since the Windows Experience became available, DIY solutions leveraging Windows Server have been possible.   While XenDesktop and Horizon from VMWare offered hosted desktops built […]

Test Engine API? Yes please

There have been some pretty cool improvements to our software recently that new (and long-term!) users might be interested in. If you’ve been using Scapa a while, it may be a good opportunity to go over what we have added to our software, as it could simplify your testing cycles. A few of the new […]

Scapa supports latest Citrix products

Scapa has been a Citrix Partner for almost 20 years, working with their core products from the early days of WinFrame, through MetaFrame, Presentation Server, XenApp, XenDesktop and so on. Through that time, our unique technical approach to testing these platforms has meant that our performance testing methodology has stayed consistent and fully backwards compatible. […]

Security vulnerabilities in default Remedy installations

Disclaimer: the results discussed below were found on a vanilla installation of Remedy 8.1. We deliberately chose an older version of the stack for this exploratory post. Scapa has recently partnered with Appcheck NG, who provide a web vulnerability scanning platform. End user monitoring and load and performance testing have been our core activity for […]

Download White Paper – Scapa at Citrix Synergy with Thinscale

we’re proud to be partnering with Thinscale Technology at their stand at Citrix Synergy 2016 in Las Vegas. We have worked very closely with Thinscale over the last few months to validate the release of Threadlocker 3.0. quite simply, Threadlocker puts manners on misbehaving applications by making sure that there is always CPU resource available […]