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There have been some pretty cool improvements to our software recently that new (and long-term!) users might be interested in. If you’ve been using Scapa a while, it may be a good opportunity to go over what we have added to our software, as it could simplify your testing cycles.

A few of the new features include:

  • * an API to the Scapa test engine that has introduced the ability to programatically start, run and control tests
  • * the API also significantly enhances Scapa control sequences
  • * a more flexible way of defining tests and reusing basic test definitions
  • * a new console that allows you to easily repeat tests
  • * new results storage with SQL reporting and many export options
  • * the ability to export test results while the test is running to external monitoring systems or consoles
Live Scapa metrics displayed in a StatsD dashboard
Live Scapa metrics displayed in a StatsD dashboard

Our latest software will still allow you to continue running tests in the same way as before (we have not removed any existing interfaces) so you can set up some of the new features alongside your current workspace, and choose to switch when appropriate. 

Simply migrating your existing test is straightforward but we can validate your new setup together, over a few web sessions.

If the time is not right just now, we can also offer a generic introduction to what is new in Scapa independently of your migration , just get in touch.

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