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About Us

Scapa Technologies is an independent software company, founded in 1998 with funding from ATEP Ventures, Royal Bank Ventures, Scottish Equity Partners and a number of private investors.

Scapa Technologies primarily sells software – Scapa Test and Performance Platform (Scapa TPP) – as well as security, training and testing services around its software. It has a rich ecosystem of partnerships with application and technology providers as well as services organizations in Europe, North and South America and Asia/Pacific.

We believe our service to our customers is greatly improved because we are independent.

Our dedicated support team is quick to respond to queries, highly knowledgeable and experienced, having worked with a wide range of customers across many verticals and from being involved in some of the largest and most complex system deployments across the globe.

Here are just some of the ways we have helped organizations in the following sectors:

We help financial organisations ensure the reliability of their customer-facing and back-office systems.
In e-Government the requirement is often to use capacity management to save money by ensuring that only the optimum hardware is deployed and any software bottlenecks are identified and removed.
Service & Software Providers
Software vendors use Scapa Technologies to provide performance data for benchmarks and white papers. In addition, capacity management is of vital importance to vendors offering software as a service.
Services desks are an integral part of any telecommunications business and Scapa Technologies solutions will ensure the capacity of the service desk systems and increase efficiency through automation.
Utilities have regulatory requirements to ensure the reliability of their systems. There is also a need to measure the performance of new systems for acceptance testing.

Find out how Scapa TPP can help your business perform better.

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