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Load Test Mobile Apps – iOS Android

Scapa Technologies are pleased to announce that the Scapa Test & Performance Platform (Scapa TPP) can now be used to perform load and performance tests against iOS and Android apps.

Now load can be generated to simulate hundreds and thousands of simultaneous virtual users using your mobile app. Unlike other tools, Scapa TPP can simulate iOS and Android users simultaneously. No more guessing on server and back end sizing for your mobile app or website.

Scapa has updated the Scapa Capture Service to accurately capture traffic from any mobile device to an app or website. Scapa’s custom processing filters out noise and unnecessary calls, allowing the replay of any number of users against the app or website. During the recording process timers can be added to focus on performance of particular pages or functions within the app.

All of Scapa’s enterprise features are available while replaying a test – dynamic control over load – the ability to drive by concurrent user count or transaction rate – the ability to run multiple test activities simultaneously, as well as comprehensive reporting, automation and alerting.

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