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Scapa TPP for VDI (Virtualization Desktop Infrastructure)

What are the Benefits of VDI Testing?

Executives need better insight into the costs and risks associated with poor performance of mission-critical systems. Scapa TPP is unparalleled in its ability to quickly identify bottlenecks affecting performance, scalability and reliability of applications deployed in VDIs.

Lower costs and avoid unexpected delays to maximize financial performance

Scapa TPP can identify problematic areas early, helping you improve the quality of the system during development and reduce the frequency of release cycles, speed time-to-production and minimize costly rework once the system is deployed. In addition, improvements in user satisfaction, productivity and efficiency and reductions in management costs – more users on the same system, applications delivered only when required – will improve your bottom line and save precious IT budget.

Reduce risk by quantifying performance, scalability, capacity and reliability

Scapa TPP will reduce risks associated with performance, scalability, capacity and reliability by uncovering issues early so that remedial work can be planned. It will enable you to prove the system configuration before rollout to minimize risks, control load and analyse visually to see where the system breaks. Immediate test results promote quicker test cycles.

Maximize profit, ROI and improve competitiveness

Scapa TPP maximizes these business benefits by increasing the responsiveness of applications, optimizing the system through tuning and removal of bottlenecks, improving user experience and enhancing user productivity. Scapa TPP makes your business more agile, speeding up decision making, system rollout, user migration.

Assure the quality of the VDI

Scapa TPP will provide all the information required for a confident and smooth production rollout. Testing server and storage systems are operating effectively and monitoring the continued network configuration are vital in delivering good performance. Scapa TPP has ensured and continues to ensure the performance of some of the largest VDI deployments across the globe.

Maintain continuity and service levels

With Scapa TPP, performance baselines are used to maintain ongoing performance and availability of the system in production, helping businesses achieve agreed service levels.

Scapa TPP pricing is determined by the number of virtual users of a system, whether in a test laboratory or production system environment. Please contact us to discuss your specific licensing requirements.

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