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Scapa Technologies News Update – February 2013

How better to ensure the performance of your BMC Software Remedy or ITSM environment than with the help of Scapa Technologies’ professional services consultants? These guys are the experts in testing software systems, and with
way over 10 years’ experience in testing Remedy ITSM environments, big and small, customized or just plain Remedy, they know your pain! Our packaged services are designed to give you rapid results at a low, FIXED cost. Also in this
newsletter, there are details about our new ScapaXenTool and how we can help you compare RDP, ICA and PCoIP protocols to find what suits your system setup the best. Also, we have news of a new Scapa partner, BrightPlan Consultancy, plus a link to the video of our last webinar, “Ensuring Best Practices When Optimizing Remedy Mid Tier”. Read on to find out more.

Low, Fixed Cost Remedy ITSM Packaged Services with a FREE Scapa TPP license

With over 10 years of experience testing Remedy systems and understanding performance-related issues in Remedy and ITSM environments all over the world, Scapa Technologies’ consultants have put together a range of packaged services
that will help you optimize your Remedy and ITSM environment(s). These packages include a FREE Scapa TPP license for the duration of the service and offer a number of benefits to the Remedy and ITSM community, such as:

  • improving performance of Remedy and ITSM systems, through testing and optimizing, e.g. JVM etc.,
  • minimizing risks before, and eliminating issues after, upgrades,
  • and providing an insight into application performance and behavior (e.g. benchmarking, comparison tests, soak tests, stress tests etc.).

Our consultants will complete these service engagements quickly (from 1 day), and they are kept at a low, fixed cost to suit every budget. Additionally, there is no lengthy set up or learning curve involved, as the services are provided from start to finish by our experts. Tests use the customer’s own REAL data, i.e. not synthetic
or other data which might obscure deployment or other data specific system performance issues. If you have, for example, a new system with no data, however, we can also run tests designed to populate your system(s) with appropriate data.

With a professional system analysis report provided to all customers on completion of these services, you will be able to see and to show others how well your system is performing. An example of the type of report that could be prepared for you is available here.

Further information on our packaged services for Remedy and ITSM environments is available on our website or by contacting us.

Scapa TPP – Comparing RDP, PCoIP and ICA protocols to find what’s best for your system environment

Do you have plans to implement an Microsoft Remote Desktop Solution (RDS) but would prefer an alternative to the RDP protocol? Thanks to Teradici Arch, you can now use the high-performance PCoIP protocol. But just how superior will this PCoIP protocol be on your environments, with your unique workload and application mix? With Scapa TPP, you can benchmark and compare RDP, PCoIP and ICA protocols on a variety of system environments, including Microsoft RDS, VMware View, Citrix MetaFrame, MetaFrame XP, Presentation server, XenApp, XenDesktop and traditional thick client setups.

Not yet familiar with the PCoIP protocol? Visit the Teradici website for more details.

Scapa TPP Development News

Need to login and obtain an ICA connection file pragmatically, without human intervention or the use of an automated GUI script?

With command line ScapaXenTool, you can! The ScapaXenTool works independent of a web browser and is compatible with the Citrix Web Interface and Citrix Storefront. If this tool is of interest to you, contact us (http://www.scapatech.com/contact) to obtain a copy.

Scapa Partners

BrightPlan Consultancy
One of our most recent partnerships is with a company that has made its name in the Thin Client and VDI space in the Netherlands – BrightPlan Consultancy. Started by a good friend of ours, Vincent Engel – who some of you might know from his time at UF Solutions – BrightPlan focuses on delivering high quality application delivery and virtualization services to its customers. With the addition of Scapa TPP to their line of products, we are looking forward to helping them ensure many thin client and VDI systems throughout the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Scapa Webinars,

Our “Ensuring best practices work for you, when optimizing Remedy Mid Tier” webinar is now available to view at your leisure! Just click here to enjoy this webinar again and again.

We’re in the process of putting together ideas for another webinar, so for anyone who missed this one but would like to attend a similar Scapa event, please get in touch and give us an idea of the types of issue you would like to discuss.


Please get in touch and let us know your system performance stories. You can use our Facebook page, where you can ‘like’ us. Or, follow us on Linked In and Twitter. Our website also has an email form and phone numbers, so please keep in touch and send us your queries and your stories!