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Our key aim at Scapa Technologies is to improve system performance by removing, as far as possible, the risks and cost of failure in deploying and maintaining IT systems. We do this by providing tools and testing services that can be used from initial development, through deployment, migrations, upgrades, general maintenance and day to day monitoring of the system in use. This month we will be launching Scapa Lite Edition (LE) for Remedy; an even easier-to-use solution based on Scapa TPP for Remedy. Scapa LE is the ideal solution for all those smaller-scale, day-to-day tests that ensure business operations for many organizations. Read on for further details about this exciting new product.

Also, read on to find out more about an invitation to our Thin Client customers to undertake a testing process review with us, our new partnership with KTSL, an Elite BMC Business Partner, and details of their upcoming Remedy Plus Forum event at the end of this month (26 February).

New Product – Scapa Lite Edition (LE) for Remedy

Scapa LE for Remedy will be released this month and is an ideal introduction to our suite of testing products. It delivers amazing testing functionality that retains all of the power of our full Scapa Test and Performance Platform, encapsulated in an easy to use GUI. With some experience of Remedy, you will be able to use Scapa LE to test large and small scale system deployments. Scapa LE will be suitable for different types of testing, from initial development, deployment, migrations, upgrades, general maintenance and the ongoing day to day monitoring of the production system, ensuring ongoing system performance and business operations.

Contact us for further details on Scapa LE for Remedy and to try it out on your system.

Scapa TPP for Remedy – Success Story

Scapa consultants have been assisting a multinational provider of IT and networking technology solutions recently on a large-scale project for one of their largest Remedy ITSM customers (in terms of the total number of licensees across various Remedy instances). Two cycles of testing were completed (against both a pre-production and a production system) with a capacity to simulate up to 2000 concurrent users and their core set of transactions against the latest version of Remedy ITSM. The whole testing project was completed in only FIVE days as time-scales got very tight, due to earlier delays. The customer avoided the need to move its intended go live date or launch an untested system and experienced a trouble-free launch of their service.

Special Invitation for Citrix, Microsoft Remote Desktop and VMware Horizon Customers.

We have recently been involved in a number of testing projects involving remote hosted desktop solutions, using Scapa TPP for Thin Client (e.g. Citrix® XenDesktop®/XenApp®, VMware™ Horizon™ and Microsoft™ Remote Desktop). We have provided advice covering the optimization and automation of testing processes, testing methodology, bottleneck identification and mitigation and performance analysis and tuning. The results of these projects have been incredibly worthwhile and are worth sharing.

We would, therefore, like to extend an invitation to our Thin Client customers to contact us for a FREE review of their current testing processes and procedures using, in combination, our consultants’ expertise in this field along with Scapa TPP’s unrivaled functionality.

New Scapa Technologies Partner – KTSL

We would like to announce our partnership with KTSL, an Elite BMC Business Partner and a trusted, long term advisor to over 120 organizations that span both private and public sectors with specific expertise in Banking, Financial and Professional Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Leisure, Telecommunications, Transport and Utilities, as well as Education, Health and Local and Central Government.

KTSL and Scapa Technologies will be working together to support organizations in their efforts to achieve real and lasting value from their investment in Remedy and ITSM systems.

Come and meet us at KTSL Remedy Plus Forum, BMC Offices, Winnersh, UK, 26 February 2015

We’re delighted to say we’ll be launching our Scapa LE for Remedy product at an event run by KTSL. The KTSL Remedy Plus Forum, which takes place from 12:30 – 17:00 on February 26, 2015, in the BMC Offices in Winnersh, to the west of London, provides a great opportunity to meet with experts in the Remedy community, get insights into best practice in key areas and meet with your industry peers. Further details of this event are available via the following links:

We hope to meet you there!


Please get in touch and let us know if you would like to try out Scapa LE for Remedy on your systems and if you are going to the KTSL Remedy Forum Plus event. Or, if you’re a Thin Client customer who would like to talk to us about a testing process and procedure review to optimize your systems, please let us know.

There are lots of ways of keeping in touch with us. You can ‘like’ and write on our Facebook page. Or, follow us on Linked In. We also have a Twitter account. As well as all that, our website also has an email form and phone numbers, so please keep in touch and send us your queries and your stories!

The BMC Communities forum has some specific Remedy testing information about Scapa TPP, so please check us out on there too!