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News Update – June 2011


The last couple of months have been very busy at Scapa Technologies. Please read on to find out what we’ve been doing; in particular, with regard to our revamped website, some important Scapa TPP development work, events and a new case study measuring user experience on a VDI, running VMware® View™.

Scapa Test and Performance Platform (TPP) News | Scapa TPP makes an appearance at BriFrum Europe 2011

Product Development News | What good stuff does the latest build of Scapa TPP make available to customers?

Company News | With news of our revamped website, updates to our Environmental Management System (EMS) policy and a new VDI-based customer case study.

Scapa Technologies News

Scapa TPP News

Iain and Bill participated in the recent BriForum Europe event in London. We still don’t know how well they did in the Geek Out game show hosted by Brian Madden but they had an interesting couple of days. Bill recorded a Scapa TPP demonstration which can be viewed online here ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJN-0/c.aspx at Brian Madden’s website.
Product Development News
The latest build of Scapa TPP, build 28, now contains an RDBMS SQL datastore as standard. With direct access, this datastore updates every 5 seconds and provides live and post-test reporting capabilities. In the near future we intend to release reports that access the data in the datastore, which will replace and improve the current reporting structure for many customers.

Further good news for many customers concerns the development work on the Scapa TPP data collectors. The work on these collectors is in its initial stages and we will keep you informed of our progress in our update newsletters and on the forthcoming secure Customer Page on our website.

Scapa TPP currently provides the most complete coverage for Remedy testing, but we are also focusing development work on improving support for Remedy mid-tier. A lot of this work has been completed and is currently in testing with selected partners.

Company News

The newly-revamped Scapa Technologies website is now live. We wanted to make our website ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJO-0/c.aspx ) more appealing and easier to navigate, making the content you want easier to locate. Please take a wander through and let us know your thoughts. Can you find what you’re looking for? If not, please let us know. It could be that we are in the process of making the information you need available to customers and partners on our secure Customer Page. This page is due to go live in around 4-6 weeks and you will find the latest Scapa TPP updates, plus white papers and other product-related documents right here. We plan to send account information to customers in this time-frame as well. Please feel free to contact us ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJP-0/c.aspx ) to ensure that we have your current contact details so that we can send you a password and login. Also, please make sure you update any bookmarks you may have on our website.

In addition to the updated website, we are also looking to expand our use of social networking sites. We already use Twitter ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJQ-0/c.aspx ), LinkedIn ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJR-0/c.aspx Facebook ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJS-0/c.aspx and have videos available on YouTube ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJT-0/c.aspx Please visit these links to join in and help us develop our Scapa Technologies connections and conversations.

Details of our Environmental Policy are available to view here ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FG9W-0/c.aspx on our new website. The assessment and training that form part of the certification process are now underway and we are looking forward to completing the process in the near future. We will keep you informed of our progress.

A customer case study which describes how Scapa TPP was used to measure end user VDI experience (using VMware® View™) was made available recently. You can find this case study here ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FG9X-0/c.aspx

If you are interested in sharing some of your system performance stories or anecdotes with us, we would be happy to make these into case studies or include the details in our future newsletters. Or, if you have any suggestions that would help you with your use of the new website or of Scapa TPP, please let us know ( http://dmtrk.net/t/Q03-GFMG-3K3RSX-6FJJU-0/c.aspx ).

The team at Scapa Technologies

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