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This latest news from Scapa Technologies brings you up-to-date on what we’ve been doing during the summer months – making Scapa TPP even more flexible and able to test HTTP and web applications thoroughly. Read on to find out the story behind this exciting new capability and about an opportunity for current Scapa TPP customers to test their HTTP and web applications.

We’re delighted that Citrix has also recently published a great blog about Scapa TPP’s unique ability to load test Citrix XenDesktop (VDI) environments. It’d be great to hear from you about this too.

Also, we’re going to the BMC Engage event in Florida with our partner KTSL. This event will be a great place to show what Scapa TPP can do to promote IT management best practices. We hope to see many of you there!

Scapa TPP – did you know we test HTTP and Web applications too?

Many of our customers are successfully using Scapa TPP to test Server based, Virtual Desktop and ITSM applications and may not be familiar with our HTTP and Web capabilities. Some of the technology used to drive your current load tests can also now be used to drive ANY web applications.

First, a bit of background – our legacy HTTP connector was a limited record and replay tool that worked well against static websites and content. While this approach was perfectly valid and successful in testing the early generations of web based applications, increasing complexity, data dependencies and diversification in technologies used led to a gradual mothballing of this Scapa technology.

While using the legacy HTTP tool internally, one of our developers added its capabilities back into the product for a specific use case. Getting it to work with a dynamically generated ID took a bit of work but a decision was made re-purpose the tool to accurately record and replay traffic between a browser and a modern web application. To ensure the tool’s new capabilities could cope with real and complex HTTP and web systems, we tested it on applications developed on Mendix and PeopleSoft.

Crucially, this new approach required an additional step of parsing recorded calls and responses in order to seek data dependencies and to ensure that a recorded transaction could be replayed at load.

It became apparent that the two target systems generated huge amounts of unseen (to the end-user) data – and both were in quite different formats. It was at this point that we took a design decision to introduce a reusable methodology of parsing.

An opportunity for Scapa TPP customers who have HTTP and web applications to test!
As a result of all this, we can now offer the following to all customers – the opportunity to test ANY web application that you may have internally.

First step: We will talk you through making a couple of captures of user activities with the tool’s new capabilities.
Second step: We review those captures and issue you with a custom testing tool for your application(s).

So, even if you only use Scapa TPP for its current purpose once a year (or worse, not at all!) you now have the opportunity to turn our unparalleled real time testing runtime model to any web technology that your organization uses. Get in touch to give this a try!

Citrix blog: Scapa TPP – A unique, innovative and holistic approach to load testing VDI

It’s been coming for a while but Citrix has now published a great blog about Scapa TPP’s unique ability to load test Citrix XenDesktop systems. We’ve been testing Citrix systems for 15 years or thereabouts and have an extensive amount of experience in these and many other Thin Client, and now VDI, environments. Read the blog here and send us your feedback and any Citrix testing stories you have. We’d love to hear from you.

Come and meet us at the BMC Engage event, Florida 13-16 October 2014

Scapa Technologies – in the shape of Bill Gleeson, who many of you will know or have spoken to – will be attending the upcoming BMC Engage event at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort in Florida from the 13th to 16th October, 2014.

We will be sharing a stand with KTSL, an BMC Elite partner who are working with key partners that add true value to anyone who is invested in BMC. KTSL’s reach is world-wide and they provide 24-hour support to all their customers. Alongside the expertise that Scapa Technologies brings to KTSL’s portfolio, their other key partners are:-

  • Alderstone has developed a tool that allows customers reliably and quickly to upgrade ITSM to later versions.
  • TekWurx has a tool for supporting BMC ADDM and building applications without the need for consultants and making the process 90% faster.


Please get in touch and let us know if you would like to try out HTTP and web application capabilities on your systems or if you are going to the BMC Engage event. It’d be great to meet you there. There are lots of ways of keeping in touch with us. You can ‘like’ and write on our Facebook page. Or, follow us on Linked In. We also have a Twitter account. As well as all that, our website also has an email form and phone numbers, so please keep in touch and send us your queries and your stories!

The BMC Communities forum has some specific Remedy testing information about Scapa TPP, so please check us out on there too!


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