Products Overview

Scapa TPP measures system performance, end-to-end, covering traditional desktop, desktop virtualization solutions, tiered, remote desktops and virtual machines.


Scapa Test and Performance Platform (TPP) Products

For your end-users, customers and for your business, the performance, scalability, capacity, continuity and reliability of your mission-critical IT systems and their delivery methods must be assured otherwise there will be a significant impact on return on investment (ROI) as well as morale, service delivery and ultimately, the bottom line.

It is not uncommon, however, for performance issues to delay IT deployments. A system may perform well when the number of concurrent users is small, but drastic deterioration can occur with just a modest increase in the number of users, despite compensating hardware enhancements. To ensure continued success, businesses need a solution to minimize, if not eliminate these risks.

Scapa TPP is an innovative and powerful benchmarking, performance testing, diagnosis and monitoring software product. Because Scapa TPP is an independent tool, it is applicable to a wide-range of commercial software technologies, across multiple points in the lifecycle. This includes:

All of the functionality is available in a single product and can be applied in combination, allowing Scapa TPP to:

  • Perform all types of testing across the project lifecycle.
  • Function in virtual architectures of any complexity.
  • Facilitate migration projects between physical or virtual architectures in any combination and of any complexity.
  • Assist your business decision-making process by allowing you to compare technologies before committing your IT budget.

Pricing Information

Scapa TPP pricing is determined by the number of virtual users of a system, whether in a test laboratory or production system environment.

Please contact us to discuss your specific licensing requirements.

Professional Consulting Services

Our highly skilled and experienced consultants and partner organizations work worldwide, either on-site or remotely, to deliver performance testing services across a wide-range of applications and environments, from off the shelf to custom applications. For more information about these services, click here or download our Professional Services Datasheet and Scapa Expedite Methodology white papers below:

For details of our low cost, high value Packaged Services, designed to give you a quick insight into your system’s performance characteristics, in very short time frames, take a look at the following pages:

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